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Steve Wynn, RNC finance chairman, faces allegations of sexual misconduct

  1. Steve Wynn, RNC finance chairman, faces allegations of sexual misconduct  Washington Post
  2. Vegas casino king Steve Wynn accused of ‘pattern of sexual misconduct’ in Wall Street Journal report
  3. Dems blast RNC over Steve Wynn sexual misconduct claims: ‘This is the party of Donald Trump’  The Hill
  4. SEC FORM 4 –
  5. Dozens of People Recount Pattern of Sexual Misconduct by Las Vegas Mogul Steve Wynn  Wall Street Journal
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In Davos Speech, Trump Mixes Facts With Fiction

  1. In Davos Speech, Trump Mixes Facts With Fiction  New York Times
  2. Trump enters the Davos club by charming the plutocrats  Washington Post
  3. Trump Davos speech: ‘America First policy is not America alone’  BBC News
  4. America First Is Good for the World, Trump Says: Davos Update
  5. Even a giant tax cut can’t buy Trump the love of the billionaires  CNN
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The Good Swastika

(RNS) — Making peace with the swastika does not mean making peace with Nazis past and present, nor with their hateful ideology – nor with their corrupted version of that symbol.

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There are some downsides, mainly for advanced customers. You could be tempted to forget something of going less expensive Best Wood Router Repaired base which offers versatile feature. The quick-release function can switch It's a little bit light to be ideal for really heavy job. Those that are looking.[…]

Clarity by For All Seasons – ​A Hopeful Pop Debut

For Centricity Music newcomers For All Seasons, the goal has never been a radio hit or a worship anthem for the church-instead, they simply want to craft music that meets their listeners wherever they are and gives them hope. The band, comprised of lead vocalist Emily Hamilton, Emily's husband Johnny, Jeff Luckey and Randy Charlson, met in college and served as worship leaders at camps for several years before expanding into touring and recording their own songs.  Now a decade into their career with a full-length album and several EPs behind them, For All Seasons is marking a new[…]

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For all-around woodworking, a mid-sized router is the workhorse of both serious hobbyists official guide the guideline that claims bigger is always much better does not suggest for routers. Beneficial, unless you intend to use actually large profiling bits or raise panels for cupboard doors, a full-sized router is a lot more maker than you'll ever require for normal profiling and joint-making.[…]