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The familiar and the fantastic collide vibrantly in the work of Fidel García. The painter fuses the visceral and the ethereal, juxtaposing the human body, photorealistically rendered, with colorful abstract expressionist forms. Sometimes, his nude figures—usually women, at times winged—melt from bold washes of color. Other times, they seem to square off against them in a spectacular ballet of light and shadow. Several of his works even incorporate yet another dichotomy, between color and grayscale. The resulting works, piquantly emotional, pay homage to humankind’s boundless capacity for intensity and introspection.

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García was born in Mexico City in 1960. He grew up in Guadalajara before settling in Puebla City, where he is still based. His work has garnered a rush of press in Mexico, where he is recognized as one of the most important avant-garde expressionist painters of recent years.

His recent oil paintings incorporate patterns and phenomena that recall supernovas, churning waves, and sun flares. Recent works—like Miserere, Reborn, andGaia—portray his figures curled, showing off their delicate musculature. Others, like In the Light of Awakening and Blossom, depict his subjects’ faces emerging from cosmic dust. With the boldness of his palette and the audacity of his forms, he catapults us into a realm where strength and poetry collide.

“We are all artists—those of us who wield the brush, the pencil, gouge, or chisel, and those who contemplate works and see themselves reflected in them in some sense. Because without the spectator, the works have not yet been born,” García says.

García’s work has been recognized all over the Americas, and his accomplishments were formally recognized in 2004 by Pueblas’ then governor, Melquíades Morales Flores, when he hosted the inauguration of García’s own gallery. His work has been shown at the Wyland Galleries of Florida (Orlando), Miranda Galleries (Laguna Beach, Calif.), Madison Gallery (Solana Beach, Calif.), and the Javits Center (New York City). The municipal president of Puebla also honored García when his work was shown at the Galería del Palacio Nacional in 2023. From 2005 to 2015, he was represented by MasterPieces, Inc.

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