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FAITHFUL Project Releases New Album ‘Daybreak: Psalms of Action’

FAITHFUL has released its brand-new album ‘Daybreak: Psalms of Action,’ born from the intimate moments of an expanded group of creative women studying the Psalms together and writing music that embodies the freedom and vastness of God’s love. The women behind Daybreak hope to encourage the church and the world to move beyond beliefs toward action.

The new album features artists Taylor Leonhardt, Jillian Edwards, Savannah Locke, Tamar Chipp, Sarah Kroger, Sandra McCracken, JJ Heller, Janice Gaines, Jess Ray, Leslie Jordan, Ginny Owens, Sarah Macintosh, and Rachael Lampa, with additional songwriting by Trilla Newbell, Ann Voskamp, Patsy Clairmont, Amanda Bible Williams, Lina Abujamra, Amanda Pittman, and Ruth Chou Simons.

Savannah Locke hopes churches bring these songs into their worship sets, allowing room for new voices to be heard. “I also hope people are drawn closer to the purpose of God for the church in this world and are moved to take action that promotes love and justice,” she said. She believes the song “True Belonging” is prophetic and timely as it calls people to live in humility and seek to understand before being understood, saying, “If we could embrace this attitude as the people of God, I think peacemaking would flourish.”

Sarah Macintosh’s favorite song on the album is “Take Off Running” because, “It is lyrically fresh, melodically addictive, and when I listen to it, I feel like I have taken a deep deep breath. There is something, as a woman, to thinking that God and God’s love is a wide and open space that is safe for a woman to take off running within.”

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