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The 2024 Fiat 500e is a $34K EV that appeals to emotion, not logic

Enlarge / For now, Fiat’s sole US offering is the (RED) 500e, but future versions will arrive in “drops.” (credit: Stephen Edelstein)

It’s cliché to describe an Italian automaker as operating on a slower, more laid-back timetable than its rivals, but that seems to be the case with Fiat’s North American product planning.

The outgoing Fiat 500 brought the brand back to the United States in 2011, but it had been on sale in Europe since 2007. An electric 500e arrived after the gasoline models, but as then-CEO Sergio Marchionne was quick to point out, that was only to satisfy California’s zero-emission vehicle mandate.

Now the 500e is back, once again later than the European version (which was first shown in 2020), but this time, Fiat is skipping the gasoline engines for the line. The 2024 Fiat 500e is no compliance car—it’s now the only version of this retro hatchback you can get and the only Fiat model available in the US—nor is it a mass-market item.

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