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Carolyn Arends Celebrates 25 Years In Christian Music With Kickstarter Campaign

August 15th, 2020 will mark the 25th anniversary of the release of Carolyn Arends's first CD, I Can Hear You, a project which offered enduring favorites like "Seize the Day," "Reaching," and "The Power of Love." Arends is celebrating the milestone with two new recordings A full-length album of rootsy new originals, called RECOGNITION, and an EP of acoustic worship tunes, tentatively titled OUR SONGBOOK, Volume 1. Now an indie artist, Arends has invited fans to help create the music through a Kickstarter campaign, to overwhelming response. When Arends launched the crowd-funding campaign on June 30th, she wasn't sure what to expect. Although the thoughtful folk-pop artist has twelve previous releases under her belt, it's been six years since her last full-length release. Fans, however, let her know quickly that they were still interested in her work. The campaign's initial goal of $20,000 was funded[…]