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For KING & COUNTRY’s Luke Shares Health Update

Today for KING & COUNTRY co-frontman Luke Smallbone shared a long-awaited and exciting health update on his lengthy battle with Ulcerative Colitis. "For the last 5 years, I've hoped to hear a doctor say, "Luke, you're in remission" but that statement has eluded me up until 2 days ago. This picture was taken shortly after I woke from a small procedure that confirmed that remission has taken place," Luke shared alongside a picture of him smiling from a hospital bed. "I used to wonder why I got sick but I don't anymore. It's been the single greatest tool in teaching me about the grace of Jesus and because of that, this disease is something I can't help but thank God for. It's taught me, JOY! Thanks for your prayers. Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks for your friendship," he concluded. Luke was diagnosed with a[…]