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Marc Martel Featured in Major Media Outlets Amid Queen Movie Awards Triumph

Former Downhere vocalist Marc Martel has achieved a notable deal of mainstream success since being "discovered" for his uncanny vocal similarities to the late Queen singer, Freddie Mercury. Martel has had a remarkable fortune to go viral several times as more and more people discover his gift. His latest fame comes courtesy of the Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody. Throughout the film, Martel's vocals were used where original masters of Mercury were unavailable or insufficient to the scene. The film went on to become a runaway success, banking over $800 million at the global box office and scoring a slew of Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Lead Actor for star Rami Malek. Yet, despite all of this, Martel's involvement in the film remained something of an industry secret. While the news made its rounds to Martel's fans on social media, the film's general audience seemed to remain[…]