Trevor McNevan Announces Hip-Hop Project I Am The Storm

Trevor McNevan, frontman for rock giant Thousand Foot Krutch, has announced the relaunch of his hip-hop side project, officially titled I Am The Storm. The project's debut record, Fight Musik Vol. 1, is available for preorder now via a PledgeMusic campaign. The PledgeMusic platform was chosen in part because, just like the past several Thousand Foot Krutch albums, I Am The Storm will be releasing music independently. Fans are offered a variety of packages to be a part of the launch. Trevor announced the new project in a video shared across his social media accounts, teasing "Strong winds are stirring and new storm cells have popped up on the radar. We are tracking them closely so please watch the video for more information." You can see the video below. "I grew up on hip-hop, 1000%. It's always[…]