The Dan Bongino Sunday Special 09/03/23 - Mayor Glenn Jacobs aka Kane, Julie Kelly, Sean Davis and a Dan rant for the ages - Living Strong Television Network

First up today, we talked with Glenn Jacobs, better known as Kane from the WWE. We talked about wrestling and transitioning into politics, and how Republicans need to approach things going forward. Next, Dan got a story about Lionsgate Films reimposing mask mandates right before the radio show started and that really set him off. Here’s an epic rant about mandates. Remember…do not comply! Then, we talked with Julie Kelly, who’s just about the only reporter covering the travesty that is the J6 political prosecutions and the prosecution of people protesting for life. Finally, we talked with Sean Davis of the Federalist about the Democrat playbook and how they’re going to try to do what they did in 2020, among other things.

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