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Brad Alden Releases New Worship Single ‘Lay My Burdens Down’

Brad Alden, Worship Director at Coastline Community Church in Indian Harbour Beach, has announced the much-anticipated release of his latest musical creation, ‘Lay My Burdens Down.’ Written in collaboration with Tyler Logan and produced by Jon Jackson, this soul-stirring song is a profound expression of faith and reflection that is sure to captivate listeners far and wide.

“Lay My Burdens Down” is a testament to the artistry and spirituality of Brad Alden, showcasing his deep-rooted passion for creating music that resonates with the soul. The song is a heartfelt journey through themes of faith, redemption, and letting go of life’s burdens. With emotionally charged lyrics and a melody that tugs at the heartstrings, “Lay My Burdens Down” is bound to inspire and uplift those who lend their ears to its message.


Brad Alden wears many hats in addition to his role as Worship Director at Coastline Community Church. He is also the proud owner of Artisan Cloth Inc., a denim-supply company located in Los Angeles, reflecting his diverse creative talents and entrepreneurial spirit. Furthermore, he shares his life with his wife, Danielle Mowry, who serves as the Creative Director at Coastline Community Church. Together, they make a dynamic duo that enriches their community through their passion and dedication.

As “Lay My Burdens Down” makes its debut, it promises to leave an indelible mark on the world of worship music. Brad Alden’s deeply spiritual and artistic contributions are a testament to the power of music to touch hearts and bring people closer to their faith. With a captivating melody, profound lyrics, and a powerful message of redemption and release, this song is set to become a timeless addition to the world of Christian worship.

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