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Elenee and Brandon Marin Release New Single ‘Be Magnified (forevermore)’

Christian singers Elenee and Brandon Marin join forces in their latest single release, “Be Magnified (forevermore).” This captivating collaboration showcases the duo’s profound musicality and deep spiritual connection, creating a worship anthem that is destined to resonate with hearts across the globe.

The magic unfolded at Infinite Church in New Albany, Ohio, where the creative sparks ignited among a group of talented songwriters from various corners of North America. The atmosphere was charged with inspiration as gifted individuals came together with a shared mission: to craft songs that would transcend cultural boundaries and resonate within the global church.

“Be Magnified (forevermore)” is the result of this unforgettable gathering, a recording that captures the essence of the collaborative spirit that took hold in that sacred space. The song is more than a mere musical composition; it is a soul-stirring experience that promises to elevate worship to new heights.

Elenee and Brandon Marin, both known for their exceptional vocal prowess and musical artistry, bring a unique blend of passion and reverence to this project. Their voices intertwine seamlessly, delivering a performance that is both heartfelt and inspiring. The single is a testament to the transformative power of music and its ability to connect people on a spiritual level.

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