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Rock City Worship Releases New Single ‘Peace In Place’

12 January 2024 – Nashville, TN / Columbus, OH
Leading up to the release of their full-length album Testify next month, Rock City Worship drops a new song today titled ‘Peace In Place.’


Written by Nathan Montgomery and Chad Fisher, “Peace In Place” was inspired by a series their pastor gave during the pandemic, a fearful time for so many. The group collectively shares, “We hope that listeners will hear this song and be encouraged that no matter what they may be going through, they can have peace because peace is only found in Jesus Christ.” The song sings,
“When my mind is anxious with thought, when my soul needs rest / When all around me is chaos and war and my end seems met / I find peace in this place safe and sound in Your love, held still by Your embrace confident You’re enough / So I will lift my hands in worship, Jesus, You’re my peace in place / Ev’ry fear my heart won’t forfeit is drowned out by the sound of grace…”
“Peace In Place” will be featured on Testify, the forthcoming 15-song album slated to release on February 16. As the follow-up to their EP of the same name from October 2023, the LP features nine additional songs.

Rock City Worship is comprised of a unified team of pastors, worship leaders, musicians, and songwriters who serve weekly at Rock City Church in Columbus, Ohio. It’s their continued desire to create songs that capture the sound and expression of their church and equip the worship ministries of other local churches, empowering worship teams across the globe to lead people into the presence of God through the music they create.

Their release of Testify built upon the group’s previously released projects, including Best Thing and Summer ‘23, and continues to showcase Rock City Worship’s talents, distinctly capturing the diverse sound of their church with lyrics that are all about the goodness of the Lord. As a musical collective, it is Rock City Worship’s constant goal and desire to create songs that paint a vivid picture of who God reveals Himself to be through His Word, believing that the more clearly we can see God, the more completely we can worship Him.

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