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Stephanie Staples Releases New Single ‘Reconstruct’

Acclaimed singer and songwriter, Stephanie Staples has dropped her latest single, “Reconstruct,” available now on all major streaming platforms. The song boasts a dynamic fusion of a captivating Latin beat, enchanting strings, and Stephanie’s fervent lyrics that resonate with listeners.


In “Reconstruct,” Stephanie challenges conventional norms, presenting a refreshing perspective on embracing the truth rather than clinging to outdated traditions. The track encourages listeners to move towards authenticity and what truly matters, rather than merely escaping from the familiar but unfulfilling.

Stephanie Staples shares her inspiration behind the song, stating, “This song is not a call to return back to traditions that never served us (or God) well, but it IS a challenge to run toward what (who) is True instead of just running away from what we know is not…”

“Reconstruct” promises to be a soul-stirring addition to Stephanie Staples’ repertoire, showcasing her unique blend of musical prowess and thought-provoking lyricism. Fans of Stephanie’s previous work and newcomers alike are in for a treat with this latest release.


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