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Knight Foundation’s Catalyst Forum Explores Digital Evolution in the Arts

The inaugural event, held in Miami Beach brought together visionary leaders to navigate opportunities and challenges in the digital age.

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Knight Foundation’s Catalyst Forum brought together leaders in the arts from various cities and disciplines to Miami Beach, Fla., on Dec. 4, 2023. This inaugural event, titled Catalyst: Digital Transformation in the Arts, convened hundreds of participants at the New World Center, a forward-thinking venue home to the innovative New World Symphony. The forum, hosted by Knight Foundation, aimed to explore how the integration of technology and art offers both opportunities and challenges for building stronger, better informed, and more engaged communities, all of which are critical for a more effective democracy.

Victoria Rogers, Vice President of Arts at Knight Foundation, emphasized during the event that while technology is not a cure-all, its thoughtful use can expand access, redefine boundaries, and address various issues facing the arts.

Throughout the day, attendees engaged in exhibitions, collaborations, and panel discussions examining the digital impact on the arts. The focus was on understanding how artists, curators, administrators, and innovation leaders navigate the implications of technology through the lenses of sustainability, ethics, and exploration, identifying opportunities to enhance the creation, application, and dissemination of art.

“We are living in a rapidly evolving digital landscape,” said Jennifer Farah, Director of Arts at Knight, “It’s time to collectively envision new paths forward, that’s why we convened leading innovators to identify challenges, share information, and build on each others’ ideas.”

Nato Thompson, founder of the Alternative Art School, highlighted the importance of adapting to a future where technology plays a central role in how people experience the world. He described how his online institution reaches students from over 26 countries each semester by leveraging digital arts classrooms, which have significantly reduced startup costs and expanded global reach.

Similarly, John Jarboe, founder of Bearded Ladies Cabaret, discussed how incorporating interactive digital streaming and mail-delivered cabaret boxes has extended the reach of the Philadelphia-based company far beyond its physical community.

While digital tools can enhance existing programs and facilitate the creation of new ones, the forum also addressed concerns about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the arts. Participants debated whether AI represents a revolutionary tool or a potential threat to artistic expression and creativity.

Kelani Nichole, founder of TRANSFER, an experimental media space, underscored the importance of artists envisioning new futures enabled by technology, countering mainstream narratives promoted by technology companies.

Safiya Noble, co-founder of the UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry, emphasized the need for artists to reflect on what is gained and lost in the evolving digital landscape, emphasizing that the answers lie within the artistic community itself.

Art enriches our lives by encouraging participation and critical reflection. It has the extraordinary ability to make us aware, impact our perceptions, challenge our opinions and bring us together. Today, artists and the organizations that present their work are leveraging new and emerging digital technologies in their practices to reach a broader audience and create greater impact. Ultimately, Catalyst highlighted the crucial role of artists and arts organizations in building connections with communities in the digital age. 


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