Dr. Larry Reid Live Confirms the Relationship Between T.D. Jakes and Manasseh Jordan Included Physical Contact. (Larry Reid Live update: Prophet Manasseh Jordan vs. Bishop T.D. Jakes - Living Strong Television Network

Dr. Larry Reid of Larry Reid Live reports that the relationship between Manasseh Jordan and T.D. Jakes was physical. It involved ‘touching’. Reid indicates some men have been paid off already by T.D. Jakes. Jordan’s lawyers are in communication with T.D. Jakes’ Lawyers. Has ICHABOD been written over T.D. Jakes Ministries? Some are claiming that his Leadership Conference was way down. Another guest who appeared to be a homosexual said he Knew T.D. Jakes was a homosexual when he was in Charleston West Virginia, and referred to Jakes as “Jackass Jakes” Daniel Whyte III says No Doubt Bishop Bernard Jordan is very hurt over this betrayel by a fellow bishop. Listen to the video on youtube.

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