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Self-motivation is the ability to motivate yourself without the influence of others.  It is the ability to move forward with your convictions and beliefs despite facing several stumbling blocks on your way.

It is also the ability to move forward with energy and enthusiasm without any letup. It radiates firm faith in yourself. It is the courage to follow your convictions.  It is all about not letting others opinions drown out your inner beliefs.  It is one of the important aspects of achieving success. 

People are motivated through different ways and means such as reading books, money, love, comfort, career, success, etc.; Therefore, it is essential to find out how you are motivated so that the process of self-motivation becomes easier. 

Merits of Self-Motivation

  • It keeps your energy levels always higher.  It develops optimism and confidence which are keys to your success.
  • Self-motivation makes you think ‘what next’ whenever faced with failures. It reminds you that failure is only a comma, not a full stop. 
  • It reduces absenteeism and labor turnover in organizations thus increasing performance and productivity.
  • It creates a conducive work environment. 
  • It saves time, money, and energy.
  • It brings all-around progress and prosperity to individuals and institutions.

Secrets of Self-Motivation

“People become quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.” —Norman Vincent Peale

Dream big

You need to think big always which is possible only when you dream big.  Dreams will drive you to go to any extent.  Your efforts and energies towards your goals depend on your level of dreams.  Sigmund Freud rightly said, “Man dreams only that which he can achieve.”

Set a roadmap

Mere having dreams will not pay off unless you have a blueprint for achieving them.  The blueprint should be so planned that it should be realistic and practical to achieve.  Find out what are your inborn talents and combine them with the skills and abilities that you acquired through training, practice, and experience.  

Be a firm optimist

When you develop a positive attitude around the clock you tend to have positive results.  This positive thought process leads to positive actions by blocking negative aspects.  It drives you towards achieving your goals by looking at the brighter side of life. 

You are unique

Begin every day with new expectations and aspirations.  Stay away from negative thoughts and negative people.  Accept the fact that you are unique and cannot be compared with others. Have a firm faith that you were born to achieve big in this world. 

Involve in internal dialogue

This is a powerful tool where you talk to yourself and reinforce yourself. Internal dialogue helps in strengthening your subconscious mind by feeding with the right inputs. 

Pursue your passions

Passion is a burning desire coming from the core of your heart.  It is like your heart prevailing over your mind. It is all about doing what you love to do.  Find out what interests you and work on it.  It propels you to move forward despite several odds stacked against you. 

Set your goals

When you set your goals based on your desires, you develop a positive attitude towards life and your mind is engaged in the right way. You will have a clearer vision about what you want to do for planning your mission.  

Break the goals into short-term and long-term and link both in such a way that they should be correlated and interconnected without any contradiction. As you achieve your goals you get self-motivated.  

Even if there is a failure in accomplishing your short-term goals due to external disturbances, the long-term goals will hold you firmly with faith thus motivating you forever.

Break down your goals

When you feel that your goal is too big, make it small and keep achieving it one by one.  Once you achieve a small goal you get motivated by your achievement and will be driven to work further and forward.  When you complete all sub-goals confidently then you will be excited to know that you have achieved your big goal successfully. 

Consistency is the key

Chuck Norris says, “If you want to accomplish anything in life, you can’t just sit back and hope it will happen. You’ve got to make it happen.”  Put your efforts and energies in a systematic and focused manner without looking for results frequently.  Your objective is to put in effort regularly.  Consistency with a firm commitment is the key to self-motivation and success.

Manage your time

Learn to manage your time effectively and efficiently by allocating specific time for each activity.  Invest your time daily for each activity without encroaching on other activities.  Avoid procrastination.  Delaying the activities will result in lethargy and piling up the activities resulting in stress. 

High energy levels

Always maintain high energy levels.  Take good and nutritious food.  Avoid junk food.  Take food at regular intervals every day.  Hit the gym or go for fast walking to lift your energy levels.  High energy levels will keep you highly motivated. 

Focus on solutions, not problems

Never focus too much on problems.    Generally, people brood over the problems and waste their precious time.  Look for solutions to the problems. It is rightly said that below-average people talk about individuals, average people talk about events, issues, and problems, and above-average people always talk about ideas and solutions. 

Spend time with loved ones

When you spend your time weekends with your family and friends you rejuvenate your energies. You create and strengthen your emotional bonding. When you spend your time one day a week with your spouse, you develop a better understanding by sharing your feelings and emotions. 

Similarly, when you spend a day in a week with your children you share your love with them thereby building bridges.  Besides, you can educate them as well as develop them as individuals with strong character with values.  You can also play with kids as they are innocent and lovely.  It removes your stress and fills you with self-motivation.

Never give up

Walter Sparrow, now and then, says, “Things will happen in your life that you can’t stop, but that’s no reason to shut out the world. There’s a purpose for the good and for the bad.”  Hold on to your cherished goals and objectives.  There will be several challenges while executing your tasks throwing you out of the gear.  Be firm and ensure that things are put on the right and fast track. It is rightly said, that winners don’t quit and quitters never win. 

Self-motivation helps you in achieving anything you desire. Channel your burning desire to achieve whatever you want. 

When you are enthusiastic and excited about what you are doing and when you are motivated, committed, and dedicated you are sure to achieve success.  Resolve to motivate one individual every day.

Make a difference in the lives of people.

To conclude, self-motivation gears you to accomplish your desires for achieving all-round success. It is a bridge between your dreams and realities.  

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