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Here are all the F1 cars designed by the legendary Adrian Newey

Enlarge / When you’re a legendary F1 designer like Adrian Newey, it’s easy to persuade the team to let you have a go in one of your own creations. (credit: Andrew Hone/Getty Images for Red Bull)

In Formula 1, the car isn’t quite everything, but ultimately, how well the team’s designers did their job creating a racing car is a more important factor in a team’s success on track than how good their drivers are. It’s not that F1 drivers don’t matter, but even the best driver on the grid will struggle to earn points if they’re not in a competitive car.

One designer has been responsible for creating competitive cars more than any other, penning 12 championship-winning cars in 32 years. His name is Adrian Newey, and this week, we discovered he’s looking for a new job.

As in other sports, F1’s “silly season” is what they call that time period when contracts are up and people are switching to new teams; it’s named as such because it’s what happens when there’s no real news to report but you need a story anyway.

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