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Country music star Lainey Wilson says her hard-working nature is the result of being a fifth generation farmer’s daughter.

In an interview with Fox News Digital ahead of the 2024 ACM Awards, the “Yellowstone” star talked about how her parents, Brian and Michelle Wilson, raised her to never give up on her dreams.

“Yes, my parents are, they’re the ones to blame. They’re the ones to blame for all of this,” Wilson joked. “They have truly supported me from the beginning.”

And while Michelle and Brian helped shape the “Yellowstone” star into the successful woman she is, she believes it goes back a few generations.


“I truly do think it is from being from a long line of farmers. I mean, on my mom’s side and my daddy’s side. They rolled their sleeves up. They got to work every single day and had good years and bad years, but at the end of the day, they loved it,” Wilson told Fox News Digital.

“So that meant that they got up and they did it again, and they’d fall down and they’d do it again. They just had no other option and my daddy has always tried to remind me that he worked really hard, but he’s not just working hard for himself. He’s working hard for me and my sister and my mama and my sister’s kids and one day my kids,” Wilson continued.

Lainey says it’s “really important to keep that in mind” when work gets tough, because that’s “just life.”

“It kind of takes a little bit of pressure off of you when you take yourself out of it, I guess it makes working hard a lot easier,” she explained.

Wilson, who told Fox News Digital that she viewed the ACM Awards as a “big family reunion,” won entertainer of the year at the 59th annual award show. The country musician also took home the female artist of the year award.

It was also announced this month that Wilson will continue her partnership with Tractor Supply, which she says is very “on brand.”

“I mean, as a fifth generation farmer’s daughter, I guess you could say it’s pretty on brand,” the singer told Fox News Digital. “I just feel like Tractor Supply has just really played a very important part in my life from a young age. It was the place that my family went for nearly everything that I needed for our farm in Louisiana.”


Wilson continued, “It is truly a full circle thing for me. So, at the end of the day, Tractor Supply, they represent what I live and what I love.”

Wilson’s newly released song, “Hang Tight Honey,” highlights her upbringing and is a tribute to the hardworking men and women who helped raise her.

“When I think about who I am today, it truly is because of the place and the people that raised me. It’s always important to tip your hat to those people and it’s very important for me to remember where I come from,” Wilson said. “During this crazy time, my life has changed and I feel like I’m not like I’m not changing, but my life is, if that makes any sense at all. I feel like it’s important for me to remember where I come from and remind myself.”

Wilson continued, “It’s cool that I get to write this music and I get to remind myself of that every single night. At the end of the day, in order for me to be able to tell the kind of stories that I’m supposed to tell and relate to my fans, I got to keep living as normal of a life as I possibly can. That’s why I keep my people close and that’s why I keep the people of Baskin [Louisiana], my town of 200 people, close.”

In February, Lainey released her song, “Country’s Cool Again,” which she believes has always been true.


“At the end of the day, I think country music’s always been cool. I eat, sleep and breathe it and at the end of the day, where I grew up, we didn’t even realize that country music was a genre. It was just a way of life,” Wilson said of her hit single.

She continued, “So, when I was writing the song, I was really thinking more about the way of life, like the Western way of life. You get on TikTok and see everybody’s wanting to ride a horse and wear a cowboy hat, and they’re wearing Wrangler jeans. You can tell that it makes people feel at home and everybody likes to feel that way.

“It’s just kind of funny how, all of a sudden, country music is having its moment and the song, it was just perfect timing, but yeah, country is cool again. It’s cooler than it’s ever been.”

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