Delilah Welcomes Luke Smallbone to Popular Podcast, ‘Love Someone: A Podcast with Delilah’

Delilah, the queen of sappy love songs, welcomes for KING & COUNTRY‘s Luke Smallbone to her popular podcast, “Love Someone: A Podcast with Delilah” on the latest episode.

In this latest episode, Delilah and Luke engage in a delightful conversation touching on various aspects of Luke’s life and career. They dive into the recent release of the film “UNSUNG HERO,” a compelling narrative that sheds light on the Smallbone family’s journey, portraying their move from Australia to the US amidst challenges and the strength found in love and faith.

Reflecting on their conversation, Delilah remarks, “What a delightful conversation Luke Smallbone and I had today! This charming half of the musical duo, for KING & COUNTRY is sharing some info on the movie, UNSUNG HERO, out now, about his musical family and their decision to move from Australia to the US on little more than a wing and a prayer.”

“UNSUNG HERO” beautifully captures the trials and triumphs of the Smallbone family, highlighting a mother’s unwavering love and their collective faith that carried them through adversities, allowing their immense talent and joy to shine through.

Delilah adds, “Luke co-produces and brother, Joel, who makes up the other half of for KING + COUNTRY, portrays their father in the film. All family members have cameos including another famous sister, Rebecca St. James! Get comfy and join us for a lovely chat. And if you haven’t already, go see the Unsung Hero Movie!”

Past podcast episodes have included Cher, Kelly Clarkson, Elton John, Gloria Gaynor, Keith Urban, Daughtry, Dolly Parton, Shania Twain, Tim McGraw, Max Lucado, Katy Perry, Wynonna, Michael Buble’, Josh Groban, Barry Manilow, Sam Smith, Kelsey Grammer, David Foster, Amy Grant, Miranda Lambert, and more.


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