Get a Free Ryobi Cordless Tool When You Buy a Battery Starter Kit

If it’s time to expand your existing Ryobi tool set, or you’re just starting to build a cordless tool library, starting out with a combination of batteries and tools is the way to go. If you plan to use cordless tools often, it’s worth having at least two batteries so have a charged one to swap out when you run out of juice.

But batteries and chargers can quickly get expensive—which makes these current Home Depot deals, offering Ryobi tools with purchase of a battery starter kit, all the more attractive.

A great starter kit with two batteries

The Ryobi two battery starter kit comes with a charger, a 4 amp hour battery, and a 2 amp hour battery. The two battery kit is compatible with 18 volt Ryobi One tools and batteries, and is on sale right now for $99, 50% off its regular price.

This is a good beginner’s kit if you’re  working on small to medium projects, plan to use one or two tools at a time, and don’t mind swapping batteries as you work. If you plan to use more tools or want the added speed and convenience of having a battery for each tool, you’ll need a larger kit.

Some of the tools you can get free with this kit include:

There’s also an opportunity to get a free 4 amp hour battery with the purchase of the two battery kit. This battery costs $99 on its own, so it’s a good deal—especially if you need to replace old batteries or are looking to upgrade to faster-charging lithium ion batteries.

A three battery starter kit, to build a larger tool library

The Ryobi three battery starter kit comes with one charger, two 4 amp hour batteries, and one 2 amp hour battery. The three battery kit is on sale for $199, 45% off its regular price, and also comes with a choice of free tools.

This is a good kit for medium sized projects. Having three batteries allows you to run two tools simultaneously and still have a freshly charged one ready to go on the charger. For jobs that require multiple tools, this kit will allow you to work faster and more efficiently.

Here are a few of the best free tools you can get with your three battery kit:

There are lots of other tools that you can get free with the purchase of a battery starter kit, so if there’s something in particular you’re looking for, check the full list. Remember that these tools and battery kits are compatible with the Ryobi One 18 volt system only; other brands or voltages won’t work with these tools.

If you need tools but not batteries

If you already have batteries but need some tools, these deals might not be your best option. Even if you’re getting something for free, buying a battery kit you don’t exactly need can be more expensive than just buying the specific tools you do need.

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