Star Citizen still hasn’t launched, but it’s already banning cheaters
Star Citizen still hasn’t launched, but it’s already banning cheaters

Enlarge / For an unreleased game, Star Citizen still has some really pretty ships… (credit: RSI)

At this point in Star Citizen‘s drawn-out, 11-plus-year development cycle, we’re usually reminded of the game when it hits some crowdfunding microtransaction milestone or updates its increasingly convoluted alpha development roadmap. So last week’s announcement that developer Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) has banned over 600 cheaters from its servers is a notable reminder that some people are actually enjoying—and exploiting—the unpolished alpha version of the game.

Shortly after the May release of Star Citizen’s Alpha 2.23.1 update, players started noticing that they could easily make extra money by storing a freight ship, selling their cargo, and then returning to the ship to find the cargo ready to be sold a second time. As knowledge of this “money doubling” exploit spread, players reported that the price of basic in-game resources saw significant inflation in a matter of days.

Now, Cloud Imperium Games Senior Director of Player Relations Will Leverett has written that the developer has investigated “multiple exploits within Star Citizen that compromised stability and negatively impacted the in-game economy.” In doing so, CIG says it “identified and suspended over 600 accounts involved in exploitative behaviors while also removing the illicitly gained aUEC [in-game currency] from the Star Citizen ecosystem.”

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