Steven Curtis Chapman Releases New Single ‘Do It Again’
Steven Curtis Chapman Releases New Single ‘Do It Again’

Nashville, TN (June 28, 2024)
Fresh off the heels of his landmark 50th career #1 hit with “Don’t Lose Heart” in 2023, celebrated Christian music icon Steven Curtis Chapman returns with an upbeat and nostalgic new release, “Do It Again“.

Collaborating with “The Dream Team”, which includes his longtime producer, Brent Milligan, Ben Shive and his sons Caleb and Will Franklin Chapman of the band Colony House, who co-wrote, co-produced, and played on the track, Chapman continues to innovate and inspire with his latest single.


“Do It Again” resonates with Chapman’s signature blend of heartfelt lyricism, captivating melodies and a “snappy beat that makes ya wanna get up and dance!”… ala “The Great Adventure”, “Dive”, and “Live Out Loud.”

The song, inspired by a potent quote from writer G.K. Chesterton that has had significant impact in Chapman life, explores themes of God’s enduring love and the idea that He never gets tired of doing over and over again the things that show us His love, His grace and His goodness. As the lyric says, “Maybe every morning when the sun breaks thru / God’s saying ‘I’ll do it again’”.

The collaboration between Chapman and his sons underscore a family bond and creative synergy that shines through in every note. Before becoming artist in their own right, Caleb and Will Franklin played in Steven’s band and toured with him from 2007-2011. “I love the energy and fun my boys helped bring to this song. It’s the perfect summer song to crank up loud and sing along to!” Chapman shares in a post on his social media.

Bob Thornton, Program Director at KXOJ Tulsa, states, “It takes a masterful songwriter and someone who has walked with the Lord long enough to find the beautiful illustrations Steven has woven into Do It Again and the modern feel Steven and his sons bring to the track is over the top.. this is what the summer of ‘24 needed!”

“Do It Again” is available now on all major streaming platforms. (

Chapman is currently gearing up for two tours this fall starting in September.

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